Wonderful! The setting, the characterisations - all worked beautifully. I loved the details of the world you created. I was very convinced by it all. And Jensen slowly opening up to Jared like that, is probably one of my favourite things.

It screams sequel, y'know.

Just sayin'.*g*

Thank you so much! I had fun setting up the details and imagining the ship :D I realized as I was going through that it would be a fun world to explore farther (thanks to the "in space" prompt ), even though I haven't really done a sequel before. Guess we'll see ;)

Oh, this was just stunning. What a beautiful story, and one I'm really, really glad I took the time to read today, because it put the biggest smile on my face and the warmest feeling in my heart. ♥

Thanks, sweetie! I'm glad it put a smile on your face :D

Everything the above stated this screams sequel and yes i could visualize this world forming right in front of me. Great post.

Thank you! I'm so glad the 'world-building' worked for you :D

What a sweeping, stunning, quiet story.

Oh, thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, lovely! I really enjoyed the slow build, and the building of the world, and all the characters. This is my favorite part:

as Jared sinks into him, rolling his hips and pulling Jensen's leg over his shoulder to push in deeper, as he bows his forehead to touch it to Jensen's, Jared feels it all.

He's gone. He knows it in one perfect, breathless moment, in the friction of their skin, shaky and sweaty. Jared's truly gone for this strange, lonely, bitter, resilient man.

I almost felt like I was on the same rollercoaster of emotion as Jared. Nice one!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. This world was fun to think about for me, glad you enjoyed it too. Thanks for pulling out a part you liked, too :DD

This was great! I loved the whole feel and atmosphere of it, Jared was wonderful, and guarded Jensen was perfect. And of course, Danneel and Genevieve ♥ Thank you so much! It was perfect :D

YAY! Thank you for your wonderful prompts <3 - If I did them any justice at all, I'm happy. I had fun with BAMF Danneel; I'm so glad you mentioned her in your likes. Thank you!!!

The words you spun leaves me breathless. Beautifully done!

Aw. That's so nice! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Don't leave us like this! I mean, for the writing, it's the perfect way to end it, a beginning and a mystery to solve for ourselves in our minds... but I still wouldn't have minded you spelling out that mystery for us ;-)

Awesome story, interesting setting, wonderful idea!

Ha! Sorry ;) Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it <3

I might have squealed a little bit when I saw a new fic pop up from you...

This is stunning. Beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive. The mystery of Jensen is perfect, and I love how you don't tell us everything about him, which forces us to take him at face value, much as Jared has to. Thank you so much for this!

Hey! Thank you so much. So glad you liked it; you knot it means a lot to me because I'm such a fan of your stuff.

This was breathtakingly gorgeous. I loved it.

Thank you :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

Very sweet. I loved that Jensen started opening up to Jared and in the end decided to leave for a little to be with Jared when he visited his dad. Loved it.

WOW what an awesome story..... I love stories that happen in space and this one was really awesome.. the setting, the The Glasshouse Ships .. and how the images change inside it and how the boys communicate (at first) via those images and Jared turning cranky!Jensen into just Jensen is always so cute to read!
and Danneel was such a great character!
and I loved all the ''flashbacks'' to when Jared was a child... lovely!

great story!!! enjoyed it very much! :))


Thank you so much for the awesome feedback!! I hadn't thought of setting anything in space until I got that prompt but it was a lot of fun to think about and work with so I'm really glad you liked that. Had a lot of fun with Danneel and young chatterbox Jared, too :D Thanks again!

This was so, so wonderful! AHH I didn't want it to ever end ;___; ♥ I love the world building and the various elements you pulled from the original fairy tale. Such an awesome take on a classic story! It has everything: romance, humor, tragedy, and badass!Daneel with bonus!badass!Genevieve 8D LOVE ♥

Aww! Thank you :DD So much credit goes to the prompts I received; I'm glad you liked it \o/

Really awesome, enjoyable fic :D I loved it!

So I was already sold by beauty in the beast in space, and yet this fic managed to still exceed expectations. I love Danneel's dealings with Jensen in this, and Jared as a kid, and the progression of it all.

Anyway, this was awesome, thanks for writing!

Thank you so much :D I was working off some great prompts that led to the fairytale and the IN SPACE! parts of the story --- I'm glad they worked out!

Oh yay!! Finally got back to where I bookmarked this story and I'm so glad I did! The world-building is terrific (I LOVE the ship!) and the boys are sweet together and Danneel & Gen are completely awesome! Such fun! :)

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked the ship. I had this image of it but I had no idea if it was coming across in the writing. <3

This was so beautiful, the world you created and how you described the relationship between Jared and Jensen.
I love your writing, your stories stand out in a way that I remember them and think about a long time afterwards, and will be coming back to read again.

That's such a wonderful compliment! Thank you :DD I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, what a great story! I love the way you wrote their relationship unfolding and building, as well as the world you created around them. Also, Danneel and Genevieve are excellent. ;D ♥

Thank you so much! I enjoyed the world building - definitely new territory for me. Glad you enjoyed Danneel and Genevieve, too. I had fun with them.

This was an absolutely lovely read. I enjoyed it immensely, thank you :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I am super late, finding gems from the Christmas glut of fic still hidden in my tabs! This is really awesome and lovely :D

awww this was such a wonderful tale!

this is amazing!
and the last line is just perfect
"Jared doesn't know what the future holds, not for himself or for his father, not for anyone. But as he grips Jensen's hand and they start to pull away for the journey back to earth, he feels better knowing they'll face it together"
Thank you!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it (and the last line).


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